2000’s Best Love Stories


Best love stories of 2000’s:

Very often we come to see a movie filled with full time love story. Most of the movies coming these days has some other countering part along with love story in the movie like comedy, action, sentiment or some other. But very rarely we see a movie which runs on the love concept entirely.

Earlier in 1990s’s, Movies used to have only one genre like love or comedy or action or thriller. But now a days they are all mixed and packed in a successful template just to make sure that it will be safe.

So here is the list in which we are listing 2000’s best love stories:
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1. Sakhi (2000):

sakhi movieDirection : Maniratnam, Camera: PC Sriram, Music: A R Rahman
Do we need to explain anything about this movie more?

2. Naa autograph (2004)

Runs completely on love stories being experienced by a man from his childhood. This tamil remake is a classic which no one wants to miss it when its aired on TV.

na autograph

3. Yem maaya chesaave (2010):

Do you ever heard of a heroine getting stardom overnight with just one movie? Yes, Samantha Ruth prabhu got overnight stardom with this one single movie and the rest is history.

ymc movie

4. 3 (2012):

Have you ever felt that love is a pain which can even make you commit suicide? Yes, Janani and Ram fills your heart with pain and sorrow with their painful love story.

3 movie

5. Barfi (2012):

Love needs beauty? Love needs words? Love needs physical abilities? Nah.., Love needs only some good honest heart which will never blemish no matter how old you are. Yes, this movie explains this complicated concept in a artistic way which will make you end up with tears full of joy.special mention for acting talents of leads Ranbir and Priyanka.

barfi movie

6. yeto velipoindhi manasu:

Directed by Goutham Vasu Dev menon. No need to explain how he deals love stories and this one is classic in this genre which will make you feel that this is your love story. You will relate every scene in this movie with your life.

yeto vellipoyindi manasu

7. Raja Rani (2013):

this painful quadratic love story between four people will make you feel “there is love after love failure and there is life after love failure”. Yes that’s what the caption of this movie and you will feel it right on the top of this movie.

raja rani
8. Aashiqui-2 (2013):

Another painful love story ending with a twist which we can’t imagine. This music sensation is a must watch for everyone out there who are looking for a genuine and natural love story.

aashiqui 2
9. OK bangaram (2015):

Direction : Maniratnam, Camera: PC Sriram, Music: A R Rahman
Do we need to explain anything about this movie more?
Same combo who worked for sakhi in 2000’s are again collaborated for portraying this generation’s love story.

ok bangaram movie

10. Premam (2015):

Wah..! Recent blockbuster which made every south Indian to search about this movie in torrents, wiki, facebook etc.., Detailing in this movie has can never be repeated .

premam best movie