2000’s Top 10 Telugu movies that made Audience CRY out of laughter


Top 10 Telugu movies THAT MADE Audience CRY OF LAUGHTER

In Recent times, the word “comedy” became a synonym for Entertainment in our telugu industry. Telugu audience are so used to that comedy in movies which again making directors to write their script involving comedy forcefully. Many Films in Tollywood failed due to no entertainment (Comedy). Gone are those days where jandhyaala garu and EVV Satyanarayana garu stories itself has comedy. Now writers are creating separate characters for comedy (Especially for Brahmanandam).
and the most annoying thing is that they are repeating the same kind of concept for every movie to make audience laugh. Recently movies like Shankarabharanam, Akhil, Shivam failed due to that reason only. Movies with genuine comedy are becoming rare. So here are the top 10 movies list of 2000’s which made audience CRY OF LAUGHTER.

1. Prema Katha Chitram : this 2013 horror comedy came as a maruthi product and opened up with huge positive talk because of its hilarious comedy which made many audience cry out of laughter. Mainly Sapthagiri got high marks for his hilarious performance through out the movie. This definitely tops the list for its path breaking concept and its success. Who can forget that chess scene 😀
“ Akka.., malli vachesaava akka”


2. Hanuman Junction : this 2001’s telugu action comedy film starring Arjun, Jagapathi babu, Laya and Sneha recorded superhit at box office. This movie has a scene where venu and LB Sriram goes in a cow getup into protagonists house for some reason. This scene made audience burst out of their seat with laugh. Try it if u didn’t. and Do u guys know this movie director “Mohan Raja”? Ok..,
Hanuman Junction is his directorial debut and Recent tamil block buster “Thani Oruvan” is his last work.
“ Podhugedhe.., podhugedhi”


3. Sontham: Sontham is a srinu vaitla’s product back then where he made audience cry of laughter with his punches and comical situations . Sunil and MS Narayana are the biggest assets for this movie. Many of the telugu audience love this movie to the core for Sunil only. His comedy timing, his punches, his facial expressions, everything worked out very well. There is one particular Jihad Scene in this movie which made audience cry of laughter.
“ekkadunnadandi babu ee jihadh gaadu”


4. Thotti gang: this movie is one of the best comedy movies made by EVV Satyanarayana garu starring prabhu deva, Allari Naresh and Sunil. Imagine Sunil and Naresh who are basically born for comedy making comedy together. this movie has some “OMG I Can’t laugh anymore” stuff. Who can forget that interval scene where sunil and prabhudeva goes into heroine’s house to kidnap her.
“ Evaru leru.., Pilli.., Paina pettesindhi


5. Manmadhudu, Malliswari and Nuvvu naku nachav :
Yes we simply can’t divide this movies because of their classic comedy introduced by blockbuster duo – K Vijaya bhasker and Trivikram Srinivas. These all movies had simple plots and hilarious dialogues which made audience cry out of laughter. No matter how many times you watch, you won’t simply get bored of these movies. Who can simply forget “Nagarjuna –Brahmi” combo in manmadhudu, “Venkatesh – Brahmi” combos in Malliswari and Nuvvu Naku Nachav.

6. Venky:
This 2004’s movie is Srinu Vaitla’s Biggest blockbuster at that time. Who can simply forget that whole 1st half in train and that special interval scene where boozed hero makes brahmi and AVS to dance andsing forcefully. This is one of the best comedy movies ever made with some thriller content involved in it.
“Bokka garu, naaku peddalante gauravam kaabatti meerenni maatalu annna bharisthunnanu..,”


7. Dhookudu: this 2011’s highest grossing movie directed by srinu vaitla again starring Mahesh babu and Samantha. The film won seven nandi awards, six filmfare awards, eight siima awards and eight cinema awards. This movie has that cry out of laughter comedy from MS Narayana and Brahmanandam in 2nd half that you simply can’t forget those scenes easily. There is one particular scene where MS Narayana imitates all the top action scenes of south stars which made theatre go cry of laughter.
“aah kalla kindha ah carry bag lu entra” ?


8. Kick: this 2009’s surrender reddy’s product is the biggest hit of 2009 after magadheera. This film’s story and script itself has tons of comedy loaded into it. You simply can’t forget Raviteja-Brahmanandam combo after watching this movie. There is one particular scene where brahmanandam sleeps with raviteja in his room and shocks for the nudity and character of raviteja.
“Raa Prakash.., nee buggalu., maisur bajjilu laa untay.., raa Prakash”


9. Sudigadu: this 2012’s Allari Naresh attempt went on becoming biggest blockbuster among his movies. This movie is a simple compilation of all telugu hit movie’s spoofs. But the way this movie has been directed and acted are simply hilarious. You simply can’t deny to praise technicians for this comedy wonder. There is one special spoof scene where a bullet comes onto hero and when hero shows diversion board, Bullet diverts.


10. Racegurram : this 2014’s surrender reddy – Allu Arjun combo made audience go crazy in theatres for entire and half hours. Especially last minutes where brahmanandam enters with a quirky concept called frustration. You simply can’t forget this mass masala comedy film for its awesomeness. Allu Arjun excels in his role making us say “Dhyevudaa”.

“Frustration sir.., frustration.., Dhyeevudaaa..”


There are still many movies which made us laugh.., But these tops the list for their uniqueness and genuine comedy..,