269 Minors Caught Driving In A Day On Hyderabad Roads In a Single Day


HY10_P2_LEAD_1108906fOver 200 minors were caught driving on Thursday as Hyderabad police intensified its efforts to make the city’s roads safe. In city’s North zone area, 269 minors were caught driving. They have been put through a compulsory three-day counselling along with their parents.

The initiative of the police comes on the heels of the death of a 10-year-old schoolgirl Ramya, which had evoked outrage in the city. Ramya’s car had been involved in a head-on collision on July 2. The other car was driven by 20-year-old Shravil, who was on way home from a local bar with a group of friends.

“It’s the responsibility of parents. They have to be strict.The children will also understand and learn,” said traffic regulation officer Jitender.