35 Tons Of Dead Fish Appear in Lake in China


USA Today reported that more than 100 workers were dispatched to clean up the 35 tons of dead fish, which floated into a lake in Haikou, China, Wednesday. Thirty-five tons of dead fish washed up in a lake in China this week. Residents of Haikou city on China’s southern Hainan island began noticing the dead white and yellow fish on Wednesday.
US spokesman criticizing Chinese government that “I am sure the Chinese government would find a plausible reason for the cause of the mystery, which is not always the truth, ( they are not known to tell the truth) just to appease the people living in that area of the region that comprises the lake. I believe that the factories that around the environs of the lake are pumping these deadly pollutants into the lake, and their billionaire corporate owners along with members of the central communist politburo are going to stifle down what happened in that lake, just like they did at Tiannmen square in the eighties…or was it in the early nineties, when the members of the burgeoning “pro democracy’ movement then, were beaten, murdered, jailed, imprisoned, tortured or sent to re-education camps, just because they wanted their human rights freedoms from the authoritarian communist government. Over 20 tonnes of dead sea fish have turned up in a freshwater lake in Haikou, south China.”