8 Instances When Social Media Has Shown Its Power For a Good Cause


Ok..! What is the most powerful thing in the present era..!

Power star pawan kalyan ?? Nahh!
Super Star Mahesh babu .., Nah..!
Sharukh khan.., Nah..!
Its social media.., a place where it begins as a small thing and ends in a never expecting way.

It’s because of this awesome social media we are connected to every person and every place in this world. Social media can connect two unknown persons into a group and can convert a group into a powerful association. Of late even our prime minister has official facebook page and twitter account, so why not other ministers or MLA’s. Why not use social media for a good cause?
Yes their thoughts are in this way and when those are implemented, it came out more beautiful than those plans\thoughts which are not left just as a great thought.

Do you want some examples where social media helped us all in some critical situations:

1. 2012 Delhi gang rape incident:

1 May be it was the first time where we all saw something unimaginable. December 22nd, 2012 Lakhs of students in Delhi raised their voices and protested against the government on this incident. Do you want to know how this was happened or started? Yes, it’s because of social media. Protests against the gang rape pick up with nationwide outrage on the incident. Thousands gather at India Gate communicated through social media.

2. Sick child attended by doctor in Marudhar express which was communicated through twitter to Indian railways

Suresh Prabhu – Ministry of Railways – You are seriously awesome .

3.  A woman who is being harassed in train was provided help by Indian Railways:

4. An old father who was paralyzed was assisted by Indian Railways team:

His Son made a tweet tagging Indian railways account and got an immediate reply from them for assistance.

5. Students of Asian school, Dehradun who are in a delayed train are provided food as there is no pantry there:

6. Sushma Swaraj helping a woman who is under house arrest in south Africa:

6Just a click from his mobile and he saved a Indian lady who is in hell. Sushma Swaraj _/\_

7. Actor Siddarth and RJ Balaji using twitter to help for Chennai rains incident:

8. Telugu Actors Rana and Navdeep along with some volunteers using social media for Chennai rains incident:

Mana Madras kosam started as a small voluntary camp and it is still continuing strongly. Main reason for this is social media. This camp went viral on Facebook and reached many Tollywood actors. Rana and Navdeep supported these voluntary camps lead by thrilok dandu.

Hope this social media boon continues as long as it can for the better future generations.