8 Situations You End Up Experiencing In Your Life When There Is No Money With You When You Want


8 Situations you end up experiencing in your life when there is no money with you when you want:

MONEY..MONEY..MONEY.. MONEY is the most important thing in this world. It gives you luxury, love, Success, Beauty, everything. Many of us would have faced a situation in our life where we literally want nothing but money in that situation. It may be because of to pay your college fee or to clear your debts or to buy something for your loved ones etc..,
Money will make you do some things which you may not have also dreamed in your dreams. That’s the power of money. Here are some of the things that lack of money situation will do to your life and will make you do some weird things by you in your life:

1. Calling your friends for help:

1Its time when you require the money most, that situation will make you call even your so called friends in your contact list for
help. And it’s the same situation where you are booked anyways. If he helps, He will make you and your surroundings know that he helped you in needy times and If he didn’t helped, It will be a awkward situation in you blaming yourself inside that why you called him though you know he won’t help you.

2. Everyone will turn rude on you:


It may be because of your hopeless position and their higher position. But remember those persons who mocked you and who didn’t even bothered about your position at that time, Slap them hard with your success in future.

3. Hiding from others:


sadly that situation will make you do that. There will be situation where a money lender may come who lended money to you or a friend who wants some party from you may come. In those situations, you have no alternate option than this.

4. That Small thief in you wakes up:


there may be a situation where you are ended up that you have to pay the bill for lunch or pay the bill for shopping of your close mates. You can’t say NO to them nor YES heart fully. At that time, that little thief in you wakes up and makes you ending up running in those streets without looking back.

5. Suddenly you become so devotional:


Yes it’s true that we remember god only when we are in some bad situations. We become so devotional towards god in situations like on your exams time, on some big days and mainly when you need some success or money.

6. Everything goes wrong:


Just when you think that your position can’t be worse than this, there comes a shock or twist which will make your position more badly. It’s that time where you can proudly tell everyone in future about how you handled that situation with brave.

7. Planning something wrong but that’s right on that situation:


It’s that time where you dared to do anything for the thing you want that second. That may be a wrong thing which will end up spoiling your life or anything. But you will do it with one single line of hope that “everything will be fine if I do that thing”.

8. Adding to above situations, Parents and Girlfriend are added burdens for your life:


You can’t simply hide from this people like you hide from money lenders or your friends. Because they are never ending relationships. You have to answer them for everything what you have done. They hope you are doing well and you have to make sure that they are in that same line.

There are so many students in our country who sacrifices something or everything for the sake of happiness of their parents. We salute you for your brave unselfish heart today.
Money is an important thing in this world, but not the only important thing in this world. (Jalsa Dialogue English version :P)

Pic credits: NERAM