Cristiano Ronaldo – Unbelievable Speech at Halftime of Euro 2016 Final


13592425_1180709911981853_7702089307477762344_n“Cristiano had fantastic words for us. He gave us a lot of confidence,” defender Cédric Soares told ESPN. Ronaldo left Portugal’s 1-0 win over France with a knee injury in the 24th minute.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s half time speech gave Portugal a big boost in their historic Euro 2016 final victory over France on Sunday, per ESPNFC.

The Portuguese superstar, relegated to the bench after picking up a knee injury in the first half, inspired the team at the break, said Portugal player Cedric Soares.

“It was a very tough moment,” Soares said. “I remember, for me and the team, everybody was a little bit in shock I think [when Ronaldo got injured].

“At half time, Cristiano had fantastic words for us. He gave us a lot of confidence and said, ‘listen people, I’m sure we will win, so stay together and fight for it.'”

Soares said Ronaldo’s speech was ‘really unbelievable,’ and it made his teammates believe they could win the tournament, which they managed to do with Eder’s goal in extra time to take it 1-0.

Ronaldo, a great motivator, and a great predictor.