imMature Thoughts on Kumari 21F by VJ


I am going to talk about those people who really want to “Love a person” not “Only making love with them”. People have this mind-set that only typical Indian male/female are narrow minded which is not completely true.

immature kumari 21f

By looking at a person dressing and how the person behaves with his/her friends and what they wears and according to their past, now a days we should add the person facebook or Instagram profile too. By considering all these and you are deciding something about a person character then I would recommend to watch #Kumari21F, may be you are not going to change your mind-set but with this teams honest try you might get a chance to rethink about way of thinking.

#Maturity is a powerful word as it depends on the person and situation. The story mainly revolves around 4 friends (Raj Tarun, Noel, Sudarshan and Naveen) and Hebah Patel. With all the situations and what Siddu (Raj Tarun) sees from the starting of the movie until before the climax, he only thinks of “Love cheyyala vadda?” The story is all about “Nammedi anta nijam, Nammanidi anta abaddam” and we all are like this and this is what exactly #SuryaPratap tried to explain with #Kumar21F and it is his directorial debut and according to me he was successful.

Some people may think this movie is “Dark” and “regressive” but I don’t agree with them and I think the way #Sukumar wrote the story narrated is very entertaining. People do say about our Telugu film makers should made different movies and they use “Out of box thinking” and we all should support a movie like #Kumari21F. But sadly I am sure so many people don’t like this movie or even though they like it, they won’t support it.

Well let’s leave it all to their own. We all know how good #Sukumar is at writing and there is no wonder he did an exceptional job with #Kumar21F. #RajTarun was good with part and he suited well in this movie. #Noel and #Naveen are good with their job. #Sudarshan is good with his single liners. #HebahPatel is very good and I am very sure that she will make her mark in this industry.

#Ratnavelu showed his magic with his visuals. I really liked the hero and heroine introduction visuals along with all single spot light scenes. #DSP did his magic again with his single #BGM and I like the #Bangkok song. After double O 7 movies I found only #Sukumar movie titles are good and creative. I didn’t like the #HebadPatel makeup in this movie.

I think if the film makers could have put more efforts on her makeup and her lip sync then movie will be flawless according to me. Last but not least watch #MeenaKumar21F only if you have #Maturity (I don’t know the exact meaning of #Maturity) to watch it or else you will feel that your money and time was wasted. I will watch it again.