Man Jumped From Uber Cab To Save His Life


Very often, to save time, we opt for cab transportation. The easy way of transport is through cab and the process of booking a cab also very easy. Some recent incidents proved that “its easy to book a cab, But its not easy to reach home safely”

man jumped from uber car to save his life

As we have been seeing so many cases like this here is another case where there is no proper care being taken by the officials for the safety of the passengers. Here is an incident explained by Sravya reddy who booked a cab late night just to reach home and things happened to her after her ride began is something scary and we never wanted the same happen to us.

She revealed her entire experience using her facebook profile and she wrote :

“Dear Uber team,
I have booked a cab from Santa cruz west to Vikhroli on 16th December 2015.

Aamir who was driving the car MH 02 5867 has come to pick me and my friend. The driver was driving at a speed of 100-120 on the western expressway and the drive was pretty rash. We have repeatedly asked him to slow down but he failed to listen.
I got down mid-way and my friend continued further. 5 minutes later I receive a call reporting an accident.12346583_10154382622963976_821846965391015882_nAamir was driving the car so rash that it skid and hit the divider and my friend had to jump out of the moving car to safe himself from any serious injuries. This resulted in a serious leg injury because of which he could not move for a while. I reached the site in 2 minutes to see a decent enough crowd and the driver was lying in one corner with head down. Local police reached the site in the next few minutes.12369196_10154382622748976_7976673511563474811_n We headed to the nearest hospital while the driver was handed over to the police. We have currently filed a verbal complaint and the hospital has already issued a notice to the Police station for filing an FIR. We have no clue where the driver is or how he is as last we have seen him taken by the police.Now as a regular uber user, I question you on the status quo of this entire situation. My friend who has been using Uber for a really long time, was in a life threatening situation and is currently in mental trauma with leg injuries. Even after repeatedly asking the driver to slow down, his rash driving truly costed us a lot.


Can Uber explain how this can be undone or can anything of this sort be not repeated. It is highly unprofessional to expect an organization of such stature to not expect speed limit devices in the car. Also please care to explain what the situation would have been had my friend not jumped out of the car or if something worse happened. To add up I had put up SOS on uber post the incident and they revert after 2 hours. The worst is that post all this your team had the audacity to send across the receipt of the ride although I can’t find the uber ride on my app(which magically vanished).”

Its not the first time we have seen this kind of incidents. Lots of dangerous and unimaginable things are happening because of these careless and ruthless drivers. There are incidents where one CAB company is banned in one city because of one rape attempted by a cab driver on a passenger

So let’s question them whether they are to make us reach home safely or whether they are for making us sick of these incidents. Its not your APPS we want to be user friendly, we also want that concerned driver to be user friendly.