7 Things You Should Know About Nandi Hills | Bangalore


    There are many tourist destinations in the state of Karnataka and of all these tourist destinations in the state, one much impressive place situated in the state is Nandi Hills. Nandi Hills is also called as Nandidurg. The place is a hill fortress. Nandi Hills, in Karnataka state is an ancient hill fortress in southern India, in the Chikkaballapur district of Karnataka state. The place is located exactly at 10 km from Chickballapur town and approximately 60 km from the city of Bengaluru. The way of transportation from the city Bangalore to Nandi Hills is convenient and also easy. Thatsokdude has now come up with some interesting facts about the place! Popularly or for easy recognition it is named as Nandi Hills Bangalore. The following is a list of specialities we find in NandiĀ Hills.


    #1. Sun Rise Point

    nandi hills sun rise

    The place is best known for the Sun Rise Point

    #2. Sun Set Point

    Nandi Hills Sun Set

    Along with Sun Rise, the Sun Set view of Nandi Hills is found to be amazing

    #3. Lovers Point


    While travelling deep into the place and moving towards many nearby tourist places, we can find many couples spending some quality time enjoying the nature

    #4. Favourite Vacation Spot

    vacation nandi hills

    The schools and colleges in and around Bangalore city opts Nandi Hills as the first priority for the vacation.

    #5. Palace for Devotional People

    temple in nandi hills

    The place also offers some peace for all those devotional people who come up to relieve so many tensions. There are so many temples in Nandi Hills

    #6. Challenges Ahead


    Some enthusiastic youth and students often visit the place for Trekking.

    #7. Friends Zone

    nandi hills friend zone

    As the place is not too far from Bangalore, many youth in groups come to the place in weekends.

    How To Reach Nandi Hills Bangalore?

    • Bangalore Airport is 60KM from Nandi Hills
    • Nearest Railways Stations : Bangalore (60KM), Kolar (75KM) and Tumkur (77KM)