Narendra Modi – International Yoga Day: Yoga is Not a Religious Activity


pm-modi-yoga-650_650x400_71434858888Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on the auspicious day of International Yoga day told us all that yoga was no religious activity and people must embrace it for better mental and physical health.

He said “Yoga is not a religious activity. Many people do not understand yoga completely. It is not what you will get from yoga but what is important is what you will give to yoga and what all (ailments) will it rid you of. He said yoga was for both believers and non-believers, and there was no need to create any controversy over it. It helps in getting mukti (salvation) from health issues, Among all days marked by the UN, no day has equalled the mass movement, the International Yoga Day has become. It has become the biggest mass movement worldwide, who was instrumental in getting the United Nations to declare June 21 as the International Yoga Day.”

Modi, after the speech got down from the stage and started doing yoga to mark the day. “Yoga is not about the other life. Therefore, it is not a religious practice. It is the science of this world, it is about what we will get in this life, “Make yoga a part of your life,” he added. Just as the mobile phone is now a part of your life, make yoga a part of your life too.”

30,000 (10,000 each from Chandigarh, Punjab and Haryana) were picked from over 96,000 people who had registered themselves to take part in the event.