Nivetha Thomas, Latest Sensation In Telugu Cinema


Telugu Film Industry is a place where Talent wins over everything. If an artist has the talent, he/she can definitely go places. Though we have most of the Actors coming from star families, we also have some actors who made it big without any background. One can not predict the future of any artist unless he has the talent that wins the audiences. In the case of heroines, usually the span of their careers is very less. Except for some heroines, it is very tough for others to survive in the glamour industry. Gone are the days where we used to bring heroines from Mumbai and now it is the time that the industry is casting Malayalam girls as heroines. We also have many Malayalee girls who made big in Tollywood.

Mallu Ladies

The advantage of these Malayalam heroines is that they are very well aware of Tollywood and the way it works as they are also a part of South film industry. Also, these Malayalam heroines are able to learn Telugu quickly and are ready to dub for her roles. But keeping this apart, there is certainly some magic in these Malayalee girls. They look like girls next door and we can easily relate them to any other girl in real life. The way they adapts themselves to any given character is impressive. Performance levels of these heroines are too high. In the past two years, we have more Malayalam heroines who debuted in Telugu film industry. Every single heroine is successful and left a mark of theirs and impressed the movie lovers. Also, our Telugu film audiences started watching more Tamil and Malayalam films of late. This is also a reason for the special interest towards Malayalee heroines.

Anupama Parameswaran

If we consider the recently Malayalam blockbuster film Premam, the heroines stunned us with their looks and performance. Now, Anupama Parameswaran and Madonna Sabastian were roped for Telugu remake too. Manjima Mohan is the other girl who is going to make her debut soon in Telugu with the film Saahasam Swaasaga Saagipo. One interesting aspect of these Malayalee heroines is that they are very careful in selecting the scripts. They dont usually accept roles which are required for a couple of scenes and the songs. Unless the role is unique, challenging and has the scope to perform, we cant expect a Malayalam girl in Telugu film. This has been proven and the success rate is also high. To name everyone, the list goes big. Right now, one girl who is the talk of the town in Hyderabad is Nivetha Thomas. The Kerala state award wining actress who shared her screen space with Ulaganayagan Kamal Haasan as his daughter in Paapanasham made her Telugu debut in Gentleman.


Nivetha Thomas, the final year architecture student played the character called Catherine in the film Gentleman. Its been really a very long time that the Telugu film industry has witnessed a female actor performing so naturally. Nivetha leaves you stunned in many scenes of the film with her performance. Be it a close up shot, emotional scene, romantic scene, comedy scene she is sure to surprise us with her natural performance. It is very rare that audiences wish to see heroine for more time on the screen. Happens with only a few heroines and Nivetha tops the list! Nani is a brilliant actor and Nivetha performed equally with Nani and turned her debut into a successful one.

nivetha thomas

Every single review has praised Nivetha for her true dedication and amazing performance in the film. She learnt the language very quickly too. Telugu cinema is currently looking for heroines like Nivetha Thomas who could bring value for the word Heroine again. Also, the fact is that the film makers should come up with more interesting and string women characters in their films. We wholeheartedly wish that Nivetha should surprise her and ourselves with her choices. Nivetha Thomas is here to stay and she will reach places!

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