Passport Lost/Damaged During Chennai Floods? Get New Passport Free Of Charge


The impact of Chennai floods is very high and there are still people suffering and struggling to lead a new and ordinary normal life. The people of Chennai are staying strong and helping out each other and the actors especially in the state are working round the clock to make sure that the people of Chennai are given the proper care. The relief and rescue operations are being carried out by actors like Siddarth, Dhanush, Vishal, Chinmayi, Rahul Ravindran and RJ Balaji.

get passport free in chennai
Many of the people have experienced huge damage to their livelihood. Some of them lost their vehicles due to the rains. Some of them have their homes damaged. Few people have got damage to their belongings. And we hear from so many Chennaites that most of their homes ruined completely and then can do nothing except accepting the destiny and the punishment of Nature. And now everyone is busy in bringing things to normal.

The major problem that Chennaites are now facing is the problem of Passport. Most of the people have their passport damaged and they are in a situation cooking up a solution for this. People who lost or found the important documents damaged due to these floods have been given a call centre number but there is no proper information regarding how to deal with a lost or damaged situation but the Indian government especially Sushma Swaraj, Minister for Extrernal Affairs in her tweet today revealed the solution for the biggest question of Chennai.

Sushma Swaraj, in her tweet today revealed. “If your passport is lost or damaged in floods, pl go to any of three PSKs in Chennai. They will issue u fresh passport free of charge.” This is really a very big relief for all those who are worried about their damaged passports. Sushma Swaraj also directed her colleague Vijay Kumar, MP of Ghaziabad, to resolve all the problems related to this.