Tollywood Top 10 Directors and their similarities with Hollywood Directors


Tollywood has some great sort of film directors creating wonders on silver screen. When compared to kollywood, ofcourse we do not have that star kind of directors like maniratnam, Shankar, A R Murugudas, KV Anand.., But we do have talent who can match them and who are matching them.
So when we are ready to compare our directors with kollywood directors.., why can’t we dare to compare or find the similarities between our directors and Hollywood directors? Yes, Let’s Start

1. Rajamouli – James Cameron:

There is no doubt in saying that rajamouli is number one director in Tollywood. His films always meets huge expectations created by its publicity and also because of his previous movies performance. All his ten movies created certain records at box office which others are trying to break. Here comes our Hollywood’s Iconic director James Cameron who directed only 7 movies to reach top position. His movies involve heavy CGI work, years of pre-production and post production, thousands of employees working for a project. After his classic blockbuster Titanic, He took 12 complete years just to present one visual never before and never after wonder “AVATAR”. There are many similarities b/w Rajamouli and Cameron. Their movies never fail, involves heavy CGI, record collections, years of dedication and many more…,

2. Sukumar – Christopher Nolan:

The word “Creativity” has some synonyms and the name “Christopher Nolan” is one of them. His movies will F**k your mind and make you realize his greatness even after many years that particular movie is released. Not Comparing, But Sukumar has many similarities with this creative wonder Nolan. This math lecturer’s creativity is one of the reason for which every star hero is ready to act a film of his. He loves to make the audience think and keep them guessing till the end. He Captulated Telugu audience with his creative and out of box thinking. Qualities like creativity, out of box thinking, Confusing Screenplays and characters etc.…, Sukumar’s 1 – Nenokkadine is even compared to Nolan’s Inception at that time for its complex story line and its narration. And the main similarity is their collaborations with music directors. Sukumar won’t leave Devi Sri Prasad and Nolan won’t leave Hans Zimmer.

3. Chandrasekhar yeleti – Steven Spielberg:

Spielberg’s films have covered many themes and genres same like our tolly director Chandrasekhar yeleti. Be it Schindlers list or Jurassic park and be it Aithe or Saahasam.., they both have similarities of trying new themes and genres every time. Yeleti directed Saahasam, a treasure hunt adventurous movie which is very similar to Indiana Jones series which is directed by Spielberg. Yeleti won national award (Best feature film) for his first movie “Aithe” itself and also two Nandi awards whereas Spielberg too won three academy awards for his works.

4. Trivikram – Martin Scorsese:

Martin Scorsese is known for his works shutter island, Hugo and the recent blockbuster the wolf of Wall Street. His movies deals with different concepts such as modern crime, human emotions, money and its crimes with humans etc.., Trivikram is also well known for his in-depth philosophical movies, modern crimes, and human emotions. When you compare trivikram’s athadu to Martin’s Oscar winning “the Departed”. You will find many similarities in it. Both movies are classics of their own region. And the main similarity between these two men are their repeated collaborations with some actors. Like trivikram addicted in doing movies with pavan kalyan, Martin scorcese is addicted with Leonardo DiCaprio. Trivikram has worked 3 times with pavan (Including Teenmar) and martin worked 5 times with Leonardo.

5. Puri Jagannadh – Quentin Tarantino:

Tarantino became a star director just with his one path breaking movie “PULP FICTION”. Many Critics and scholars have named it one of the most significant works of modern cinema. His films involves satirical subjects, High volume of violence and black comedy just like our puri jagannadh films deal with. Both their movies have dialogues which will slap you right on the face with the kind of logic and satire in it. Just like pulp fiction for tarantino, Puri has pokiri for him which made him a star director. The path breaking blockbuster was later remade into several Indian Languages and catapulted him to national recognition. Main similarity we can find in their movies are those cuss words in dialogues.

6. Krish – Frank Darabont:

Frank Darabont is well known for his classic “The Shawshank Redemption”. It is now widely considered one of the best films of all time. Still it holds top position in IMDB’s “top best movies” list though it is released in the year 1994. Krish (Radhakrishna jagarlamudi) is Indian version of frank for sure. Same like frank, krish movies deal with philosophical things and their screenplay. His movies Gamyam, Vedham, Krishnam Vande Jagadhgurum and Kanche never performed well at box office but those films received many awards and outstanding reviews from critics for its acting, story and realism. Same applied to frank darabont’s classic the Shawshank redemption which is a boxoffice disappointment but garnered well with awards and reviews.

7. Surendar Reddy – David Fincher:

David Fincher is known for having directed the psychological and philosophical thrillers seven, The game and fight club. His movies are made in a style that you can say that it is fincher’s product by seeing those frames. Same comes with Surendar reddy whose films are ultra stylish and deals with some thrilling concepts (Kick). Their movies are filled with variety (sometimes weird) and never touched concepts. Surendar reddy’s kick is still considered one of the best comedy philosophical thriller and same comes with fincher’s fight club. Both movies are considered as a classics which remained at top.

8. Srinu Vaitla – Charlie Chaplin:

Charlie Chaplin is considered one of the most influential person in the history of film industry. He is known for his slapstick comedy films. He directs his own films. He always deals with comedy subjects only as he felt he has that strength of writing, acting and directing those kind of movies. Same with srinuvaitla who only depends on comedy content for his every movie. Some of the similarities are “Both Chaplin and srinu vaitla are criticized for their routine and repeated comedy content based films. Another similarity is they involve in controversies by adding some scenes intentionally on some film actors, celebrities or political persons criticizing them for comedy in their movies. Chaplin’s movie “The Great Dictator” in which he directly satirized Adolf Hitler and srinu vaitla’s movie Baadshah in which he directly satirized Ram Gopal Varma are the small examples for that similarity.

9. Ravi Babu – M Night Shyamalan:

Many of us don’t know that there is one Indian who directs Hollywood flicks who deals with contemporary supernatural plots. Yes, He is M Night Shyamalan and he is an Indian who directed one of the best classic thriller “The Sixth Sense” in 1990’s itself. He is popular for his twist ending movies and hardcore truths shown in his movies. Same applies to our versatile and critically acclaimed director Ravi Babu who directs mostly thriller kind of stories which have twist endings. Ravi babu is known for his thrillers Anasuya, Amaravathi, Avunu etc..,

10. Ram Gopal Varma – Alfred Hitchcock:

You all know why: D …, Horror Horror Horror Crazy Horror …,