Twitter and Celebrities Stood Up For Sunny Leone’s Brave and Cool Attitude


Sunny Leone has been trending all day on Twitter yesterday (Jan 19th, 2016). It was the reason of her attitude being cool during an interview with CNN-IBN’s Bhupendra Chaubey, which was misogynistic and very rude.

The Main thing that everyone bothered about the interview was that Chaubey’s constant reference to Sunny Leone’s past and whether she feels ‘morally corrupt’ for being a pornstar prior to her debut in Bollywood. While Sunny Leone handled the questions quite well and calm, Chaubey kept bombarding her with plenty of questions.

In one of his questions, Chaubey explicitly referred to her body and asked, ““Do you believe… you have a body… is it your body that will take your everywhere? .he further blamed her for the rise in the number of people watching porn in India. “Since you have come in the mainstream, the number of people who are watching porn in India has, in a proportionate manner, increased to the extent that we are now the largest consumer of porn. Is there any correlation?” he asked.

Sunny Leone, who had been following all the reactions from her peers in Bollywood, was so touched with the support and she posted a video on Twitter to express her gratitude.

Watch the Interview here :
Sunny Leone’s Interview – CNN IBN

Some of the tweets by bollywood celebrities who supported her are :