Yo Yo Honey Singh Thanks Doctor For Treatment For Battled Bi-polar Disease


dc-Cover-76gk8toafhfcuodtlm6ebvbuv4-20160223111652.MediRap king of bollywood, Yo Yo Honey Singh revealed that he came out from bipolar disease after a long time after he took treatment. The singer opened up about the experience earlier this year and shocked his fans.

He told he was suffering from bipolar disorder and was going through a tough time (which explains his absence in the singing arena for the past few months) during which his doctors constantly monitored and took care of him. The singer found it difficult to interact with people beyond his family circle and also experienced sudden extreme mood swings. It was during these trying times that his doctors nurtured his thought process and sped him on the path of recovery in 18 months.

Honey singh related his experience as a ‘scary’ one. he also told he stopped talking to people outside family and became alcoholic. According to a report in DNA, Singh has thanked his doctors for the care and treatment. Reportedly, Singh also spent the recovery time writing poems which he plans to use for his career soon.