Sreenu Vaitla’s Wife Files FIR Against Him


Roopa Vaitla filed 498A case against Director Srinu Vaitla for harassing her. This news has broke out yesterday and has become a sensational one everywhere.

srinu vaitla wife case
The director’s wife who has been helping him out through out his career in multiple roles for his films is upset with this behaviour of her husband and she could not tlerate the torture and approached police for help. But as Sreenu Vaitla is a big shot in the industry, the industry biggies have felt that this is not correct and they have made compromise between the both.

With this, Roopa Vaitla has withdrawn her case. But an FIR has been filed on Sreenu Vaitla and so a court hearing is compulsory now! Everyone who have heard about this have surprised and shocked. There is no one to come out and speak on this issue. Even Roopa Vaitla is also unavailable to speak on this. As of now the case has been withdrawn. The further developments on this case will be revealed soon.