PowerStar Pawan Kalyan’s Sardaar Gabbar Singh Movie Review


Directed by : K. S. Ravindra
Produced by : Pawan Kalyan, Sharrath Marar, Sunil Lulla
Written by : Sai Madhav Burra (dialogues)
Screenplay by : Pawan Kalyan
Story by : Pawan Kalyan
Starring : Pawan Kalyan, Kajal Aggarwal, Sharad Kelkar
Music by : Devi Sri Prasad
Cinematography : Arthur A. Wilson
Edited by : Gautham Raju
Production company : Pawan Kalyan Creative Works, Northstar Entertainment, Eros International
Distributed by : Eros International
Release date : 8 April 2016
Running time : 164 minutes
Country : India
Language : Telugu

Sardaar Gabbar Singh Review

Power Star Pawan Kalyan is back to action after a gap. Though the fans and movie lovers are disappointed with the theatrical trailer, they have a gut feeling that the film will impress. How can one come to a conclusion by watching the trailer of the film when it has Pawan Kalyan in the lead role. But the bitter truth is that Pawan Kalyan disappointed big time.

Pawan Kalyan has dedicated the film Sardaar Gabbar Singh to all his fans. But it does not mean that the film is made only for fans. After the sensational success of the film Gabbar Singh, there are a lot of expectations on Sardaar Gabbar Singh. From the beginning the only fear for the fans is that Pawan Kalyan is providing the story and screenplay for the film. The fans are very much worried that the result of Jhonny might be repeated. Pawan Kalyan is a good actor and there is no doubt in it but his interest is always on direction. But he should also learn that the fans are expecting him to see as an actor as he might not be a good film maker for them. The biggest hits in his career are because of his screen presence and not his work off screen. Keeping it aside, coming to Sardaar Gabbar Singh, Pawan Kalyan penned a routine story.

If we see the outer layer of the story, it is all about a sincere and powerful cop getting transferred to an area where there is a problem. After understanding the situations in the area, he comes for the rescue of local people and in the process he falls in love with a girl who also comes with a problem. The cop who is the hero in the story successfully defeats the goons and tastes the victory. This story is presented in most films unchanged in the past. But I dont see any point in a person like Pawan Kalyan choosing this story even after realizing that the days for routine rotten films expired. When a person like Pawan Kalyan is taking additional responsibility of a writer, fans and movie lovers expect either a new story or a remake/freemake but certainly not a Traditional Telugu Commercial Formulaic Kichidi story. This simple routine story was tried to execute in a completely disappointing manner.

It all looks like Pawan Kalyan has written Introduction Scene, Interval Bang, Sangeeth Scene first. He then filled the gap in the plot with the other scenes. But whats more disappointing is the comedy in the film. There is no proper entertainment quotient in Sardaar Gabbar Singh. The episodes between Pawan Kalyan and Brahmanandam is a complete waste. This is the least we expect from a Pawan Kalyan’s movie. Brahmanandam is being offered the same useless Bakara kind of roles and he is also accepting them and becoming flop in the end. His role is neither pleasing nor entertaining. Hero like Allari Naresh restricted himself to comedy genre and whatever he does brings laughs. The audiences are least bothered about logics in his films and this is because the audiences love to watch him that way. The film industry is suffering from a disease of lifting up the comedy format of Allari Naresh films into top actor films. We enjoy it only for the first time because of the change but when everyone starts following the same, you hate it to the core. The Sangeeth episode in the second half and Pawan Kalyan’s dance episode in first half comes under that category where these never suit for heroes like Pawan kalyan. To be frank on this note, Pawan Kalyan seems to be impressed with the Antyakshari episode of Gabbar Singh and he wanted to repeat something very similar to it and as he ran out of thoughts, he presented the same in the form of Sangeeth episode and added Chiranjeevi’s dance steps.

Pawan Kalyan’s performance on screen is a highlight. it is obviously a one man show. He completely carried the film on his shoulders. There arent any strong characters in the film. All the characters are half baked. They have no completion. This is the reason the film lacks any momentum. It hardly creates interest in watching the film. Pawan kalyan should have seriously concentrated on the film’s script rather than sticking to his blind thought. He should have thought about the acceptance and the current situation of films in the industry. After films like Baahubali, Srimanthudu, Bhale Bhale Magadivoi, Kanche, Kshanam, Krishna Gaadi veera Prema Gaadha, the audiences got confidence that the change is happening in the film industry but if a star hero like Pawan Kalyan meets the audiences with such a script like Sardaar, there will never be a change. Kajal Aggarwal, the female lead in the film has absolutely no importance for the role she played. Kajal has been roped in just for songs and few romantic scenes with Pawan Kalyan. The lead antagonist Sharad Kelkar performed well. All the other baddies are also good. There isnt any much scope for the actors to perform in the film except for Pawan Kalyan and Sharad kelkar.

The film is poor on few technical aspects. The cinematography of the film is good. The editing is really bad. The scene transition is also improper. The director Bobby tried his best in showing Pawan’s story as the best on screen but the fact is that he cant do much more than that. The only positive of the film is Pawan Kalyan and the rest dont fall under Positive category when it is called a Pawan Kalyan film. Though you may call it as a film strictly for fans, it is partially acceptable. The first half of the film is might satisfy the fans but the second half is really pathetic. Enough said now, getting deeper is only making the disappointment bigger. Atleast now we hope that Pawan realizes that he is bad at writing and good at following director’s instructions!

Sardaar Gabbar Singh Is A Misfire. Aa Tikkaku Correct Lekka Chupettina Cinema Idhi.

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By Rayarao Sriram (rayaraosriram@gmail.com)