Chiatanyam Latest Short Film By Amalapuram Nag


Cast & Crew Details

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Cast: Prasad sir, Manohar , Sattibabu, Pullayyapantulu, Madhu , Kalyan and others
Cinematography : Vivek Pothamsetty (
Sound Design : Eswar
Title Design : Raam
Sub Titles : BVS Bhaskar
Technical Support : Siva , Koti
Associate Directors : Raam , Srikanth
Written, Editing & DIrection : Amalapuram Nag (Nageswara Rao.Y)

Genre: Social Message

Duration: 12Min 43Sec

Central Theme: Perseverance will finally conquer. Nothing can be done in a day!

TOD’s Brief Analysis:

Amalapuram Nag, a noted short film maker who always tries to stay unique from other short film makers is known for his small budgeted meaningful films. After making Satyam Sivam Sundaram, Ooha Naadhi, Culture, Paisa, Dabbu, Breaking News, Pathakam, Ok bangaram Nag is back with an interesting and inspiring short film. These days, we have been seeing a lot of short films that have no content but this Chaitanyam is high on content. The director has taken a good subject and has executed it perfectlu.

The short film is all about bringing the change within ourselves realizing the fact that the Bookish knowledge alone is not the only way to reach the top but also the general knowledge that drives a person to the destination called success. With limited number of characters in a limited time, Amalapuram Nag is successful in narrating the point he has chosen. There are some decent performances in the short film. Technically, the short film is good and there are some good dialogues that worked well.

We recommend you to watch this short film this week! Give it a try.