Don’t Miss This Wonderful Short Film About Life


Life offers us many challenges. Life gives us many struggles. Life teaches us many lessons. But very few of us make use of the lessons to do some thing great in life. Very few of us accept the bitter truth and bitter fact of our lives and move forward with peace. Several times, we may not understand the purpose of our lives and try to act rather than living our own life. But it is very much important to learn all the lessons that life teaches us.

Learning something from life and moving forward makes us Beautiful souls. This short film also reveals the same. Made with a lot of passion, the short film deals about various interesting things about life. The short film is for us and about us. A team of passionate short film makers have come forward to make this short film and we are sure that this short film on Youtube is one that is going to stand out as the best from the rest.

Do watch the short film and let us know how you feel about it. Also, spread the word so that this reaches to many Beautiful Souls out there.

Beautiful Souls Short Film

Cast And Crew Details:

Arun Tej , Aaryan ,Tharun ,Vineela ,Abhinav ,Afsana Shaik ,Rasagna Bobbili ,Ashwin Kondaveeti ,Aishwarya Kondaveeti ,Rekha Jayakar ,Chandrashekhar Kondaveeti ,Vijaya Lakshmi
Music: Joy Rayarala
Lyrics: Balu Vakadani
Cinematography: Vaasu | SFN Parshu