Dont Miss this Hilarious Take On RGV & His Style


RGV Nee Room mate Aithe US lo


“What if RGV comes to US as your roommate watch this hilarious take…please like, share and subscribe :)” says the guys who uploaded the video on the youtube channel¬†Chicago Subbarao.

Enacted by: Mithun Kumar Ramasahayam, Sandeep, Sai Ram Kailashwar
Camera: Praneeth Ramasagaram, Sai Ram Kailashwar
Edited by: Saivihar Panthangi
Wriiten and Directed by: Prudhvi Raj Sampara

Maverick Movie Maker Ram Gopal Varma is known for his weird style and attitude. Whatever he does is something that becomes sensational. Also, at the same time, he is a person who will not be understandable and always tries to be himself. His style and attitude is something different. Already there are several spoofs on this aspect. But now here is something that is really unique and interesting. A bunch of friends have come up with this interesting video titled as RGV Nee Room Mate Aithe US lo. The video shows about having a friend in USA as a room mate with similar attitude that Ram Gopal Varma will exhibit. The video reached to Ram Gopal Varma as well and he immediately tweeted about it adding the comment, “A Hilarious take on me and my style.¬†Rgv nee room mate aithe US lo”