Don’t Miss This Beautiful Veena Cover of Alai Pongara


With the regular usage of Youtube, new talents are being introduced to us. Many talented people in various fields are showcasing their works on Youtube and it is benefiting them a lot. Especially, people who are passionate about music and who wanted to make it big in the music field are approaching Youtube with their works. These works includes Cover Songs, Capella Performances, Solo Singing and there is no limit for this. Everyone is exhibiting their own talents on Youtube and most of the time, they are getting appreciated on social media. Sometimes they are also becoming successful in attracting the people in the film industry.

Of all those talented aspirants, Divya Chandrika Rayilla is one who has recently come up with a Veena Cover. Shot at the beautiful Kotagullu near Ramappa temple, she was seen exhibiting her Veena playing skills. She has chosen A R Rahman’s composition “Alai Pongera” from the film “Alai Payuthey” which also released as “Sakhi” in Telugu. The music was Re-Arranged by Prabhakar Dammugari. The cover was shot and directed by Venky Kudikala. The song was Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Sai Charan at Melodial Studios. Sravan G Kumar did the editing work.