Funny Reactions Of Hyderabadis About Independence Day


Independence Day is celebrated on August 15th every year. We got Independence from British Rule on August 15th 1947 and since then we are celebrating Independence Day every year. India is celebrating 70th year of Independence. The country has undergone several transformations all these years. Online Shopping Store “Wrapcupid” has come up with an interesting public campaign of questioning Hyderabadis about several things about Independence and Independence day. The responses the have encountered were interesting, thought provoking and funny too! Watch the video and share it!


Funny Reactions Of Hyderabadis About Independence Day

In this video, Wrapcupid explores on How many Indians know about Independence Day (August 15th) and Its history?
Checkout the video for some funny answers from our Hyderabadis.

If you like this, share the video with your friends and know how they react to these questions. Happy Independence Day!


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