India’s First Short Film With Virtual Audio – Dialogue In The Dark


Prashant Varma who made the short film The Silent Meldoy is back again with his new work titled as “Dialogue in the Dark.” This is an interesting love story that you will certainly feel for. The Best Way to watch this film and experience VIRTUAL AUDIO is to PLUG IN YOUR EARPHONES and keep your EYES CLOSED. Watch Dialogue in the Dark by Prasanth Varma

Dialogue In The Dark

This short film Dialogue In The Dark is by Prashant Varma ||Chowdary | Teja Sajja || India’s First Short Film With Virtual Audio || Latest Telugu Romantic Short Film 2016 || With English Subtitles
Starring : Teja Sajja, Chandini Chowdary
Written and Directed by Prasanth Varma
Produced by Adsville (
Line Producer : Venkat Kumar
Co-Director : Anu K Reddy
Background Score and Virtual Audio : Mark K Robin
Original Song : Shravan
Art : Moshe Dayan
Lyrics : Krishna Kanth
Vocals : SaiKrishna
Sound Effects : EthiRaaj

This short film Dialogue In The Dark was directed by Prashant Varma who earlier made The Silent Melody. The film has vocals of Chandini Chowdary and Teja Sajja. This is India’s First Short Film With Virtual Audio made on Romantic genre. The film stars Teja Sajja, Chandini Chowdary. This Dialogue in the Dark was Written and Directed by Prasanth Varma. Dialogue in the Dark was Produced by Adsville ( The Line Producer for Dialogue in the Dark is Venkat Kumar. Co-Director for this is Anu K Reddy. The Background Score and Virtual Audio has been provided by Mark K Robin. Original Song has been composed by Shravan. The Art was designed by Moshe Dayan. Lyrics of Dialogue in the Dark short film was penned by Krishna Kanth. The song Vocals was by SaiKrishna and Ethiraj designed Sound Effects.