Sri Rama Raksha Independent Film Releasing Tomorrow


Noted short film maker Sanjay Karlapudi is gearing up for the release of his latest independent film Sri Rama Raksha tomorrow. The independent film was recently screened for some audiences at Prasad Labs preview theatre which was attended by few film industry personalities like KS Ravindra, Kalyan Krishna, Sampoornesh Babu, Krishnudu, Sai Rajesh, Mahesh kathi and Lakshmi Bhupal.


“My every short film was based on real life incidents. There is nothing different when ‘Sri Rama Raksha is compared with my previous projects. I am confident that this will also impress people like my previous ones.” says Sanjay about this Independent film. “Purpose of making  my every short film is to learn some thing which can improves my Film making skills  and to implement in big one .” says Sanjay about the purpose behind making his short films. The story of Sri Rama Raksha is based on real life Incident that happened in Sanjay brother Harsha’s Life.

Cast – Sreekanth biroju , PVR Raja , Eswar reddy gayam,
Nagender, Santosh kumar, sharavan kumar ,siva varakaala , omkar nath yadhav and others
Asst.Cinematographer – Sukumar allu
Asst. directors . sai manoj , durga prasad
Music – Gnaneshwar singh
Production Incharge – Nagender Naik
Singer –  Sanotsh
Lyrics – Dinesh Goud Kakkerla
Creative head – Harsha chowdary
Produced by – Sri Sudha Bhimireddy
Cinematography/Editing/Color grading
Written n Directed by – Sanjay Karlapudi
Sardaar Gabbar Singh director KS Ravindra appreciated the film unit and complimented the cinematography of the film. Soggade Chinni Nayana director Kalyan Krishna said, “The film was made in small budget and the quality was impressive. I appreciate the director for this. I liked the film” Actor Krishnudu said that he got a feel of watching a feature film. Sampoornesh babu
said that he would give cent marks for this if allowed. I really liked this a lot.”
Sanjay also collected public feedback. 13 people rated the film as Bad. 79 people rated it as good and 142 people rated it as excellent short film.
Sri Rama Raksha is releasing tomorrow at 4.30PM pm Youtube.