Kailash’s Thalakai Rap Will Blow Your Mind Away!


The short film makers are coming up with several unique concepts to impress the people on social media. If the work gets good name, the mouth talk will help it to gain more attention. Today, we have so many talented people who are trying their luck with short films, music videos, spoofs and Rap. This Rap style is very rarely made by the Youtube stars. Here we have the recent release Thalakaya, a rap song by Kailash Ravinuthala.
The interesting part of this is that this is for the first time a short film called Thalakai is being promoted through a rap song. The bottom line they have chosen for the promotions is “Chudara ostondi née kosame “thalakaya”.
Dont miss this wonderful attempt today! We are sure that you will love it!

Team Details :

Director: Balaram Sadhu
Producer: sandhya amirichetty
Cast: Ravi Siva Teja Paila,praveen noori, praveen Yendamuri, Jahnavi Dasetty, Nagaraju amu,Ravi
Music: Ganeshwar Singh
Editing, Poster Designs: Tarun Kondapalli
Dop: Naga raju Vallala