Celebrating Visakhapatnam : What Visakhapatnam Teaches Us


Visakhapatnam: The city of DESTINY

Featured Image Courtesy : We Love Visakhapatnam

The city of destiny is filled with carvings of waters known as beaches.


It welcomes you with complete greenery and a promise of memories which makes one’s life worthwhile. The skies bloomed with a mystery treasure and the oceans roared like a dazzling whip of huge waters; where there were pleasures and pains too. If the rising sun gives a new hope to the people, even the dawn shows that the city was clearly visible for a change.


When spoke to one of the tourists, MR. RAJ KUMAR, an engineering student from the city, he told, “This city gave me happiness and life time memories of nature & its beauty. It’s a must and should visit place by everyone at least once in a life time.


The huge submarine ‘Kursura’ shows us the victory of the sea, whereas the kailasagiri hills talk to us about the beauty.


Shipyard speaks to us about the hardship through which it undergoes daily.


Yes, it is the master piece of nature’s creation! It is the port city, The jewel of the East Coast and the City of Destiny! Have you ever been there? I love to visit Visakhapatnam every now and then!


About the Author:

Mercy Aparanjitha is a journalism student who loves to travel and photography is her passion and was in editorial team and photography team of her college magazine “EVOKE”

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