Annalakshmi – A first of its kind unconventional restuarant | Full details inside

Annalakshmi is an unconventional restaurant which is first of its kind and has been impressing the customers not only with their concept but also with their food and ambiance. The principal motive of Annalakshmi is only service and not profit. It runs on the concept of “Eat as you want, Give as you Feel”
Annalakshmi is an Indian vegetarian restaurant that functions on the Hindu philosophy of ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ which means ‘Guest is God’. “Tomorrow if God were to come to your house and have a meal, you won’t give a bill to the god,” says Harish R Menon, the third generation staff member at Annalakshmi. People might think that this is a restaurant that serves free food but it is a place where they don’t price their food.
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All the staff wants to provide home-style food for everyone without having them to worry about money. There is no right or wrong amount for the meal here as they gratefully accept whatever it is.
Volunteer staff will do the restaurant activities like cooking, serving, setting, clearing tables, dishwashing, taking orders, etc. People at Annalakshmi says, “How can we put a price tag to such an act of love, selfless service?
“We have people who come and give $2 for a buffet meal but we also have people come in and give $50 for Dosa. I don’t think it really matters how much everyone gives because at the end of the day if that’s all they can afford, that’s all they can afford. We always make enough open the next day and continue serving people,” says Harish.
“It’s not my job to question how much people give. My job is very simple. My job is to serve good quality food and the money will come when it needs to come,” added Harish.


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