AP CM Relief Fund In Right Hands


AP CM Relief Fund In Right Hands

It is now being proved beyond any speck of doubt that almost every wing of the AP Government was misused by the TDP government. There was massive embezzlement of funds even in the CM Relief Fund during Chandrababu Naidu’s regime. The details are truly shocking. As many as 22000 files are pending and thousands of beneficiaries have been given cheques that bounced off. The hospitals that treated these beneficiaries have to get hundreds of crores of rupees since 2017. As many as 8700 cheques have bounced. This in itself is a massive mystery.

What more, select few MLAs got the funds released for the beneficiaries they had suggested. Interestingly the people were all from one caste. These MLAs, brokers, hospitals and the CMO worked in tandem to loot public money. These scams are now coming out into the open only after YS Jagan Mohan Reddy took over. The older account has been closed and the new accounts have been opened. Cases are now being registered against the brokers and the hospitals that have presented fake bills. The LOCs are now being issued on a day-to-day basis.

SPECIALofficer Dr. Hari Krishna and other officials have so far issued 2421 LOCs, 2749 medical reimbursements and 21 financial assistance have been issued. The special officer has been working hard to ensure that the CM Relief Fund reaches to the right beneficiary. The new Government of YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has examined 5191 applications and issued Rs 52 crore to the beneficiaries. This is a departure from the earlier regime, which only tried to gobble up CM relief fund money.


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