Blast from the Past: A nostalgic ride to Hotels in Guntur Streets

Nowadays, there are numerous hotels in a single street. But there was a time when even though the number of hotels is less, they never used to compromise in terms of quality of the food. Be it a small hotel or a big restaurant, most of the food business owners used to give utmost priority to the quality and taste of their food. Here is the list of Guntur hotels which Guntur people can never forget.

Sai Vilas:

Two Idli used to cost around 7 paise here. Every day, the hotel used to get started from 5:30 AM and the aroma of Sambar will be spread around the entire street. One cannot pass the street without going into the hotel and taste the yummy food there.

Lakshmi Vilas:

In the evening, this hotel used to be very crowded. The idli served with piping hot Sambar is one of the popular dishes here. The smell of the Sambar itself is enough to increase our hunger.

Geetha Cafe:

This was also one of the crowded hotels in Guntur. They used to serve various types of tiffins. Especially, the Puri is as big as the plate. No matter how big the Puri was, it used to just melt in the mouth. The layered poori with potato curry is definitely a must-try item here.

Shankar Vilas:

Shankar Vilas is a trendsetter. Despite having so many hotels nearby, Shankar Vilas is best known for its food quality. After so many years, Shankar Vilas has now become a three-star hotel and is still one of the hotels which serve the best quality food.

Central Cafe:

After Shankar Vilas, Central Cafe got popular for its best quality. We can say that Central Cafe used to be one of the second-best hotels in Guntur after Shankar Vilas.

Anand Bhavan:

Anand Bhavan started wat before Shankar Vilas. It is one of the oldest hotels in Guntur. It is very famous for Dosas. Dosa with Ginger chutney is one of the popular dishes here.


Rajasthani person Balram used to run this hotel which sold north side sweets, Puri, Chapati, and Chai. Though the hotel used to be secluded in the morning times, it used to get very much crowded in the night.

Swagath Hotel:

If you crave for onion dosa, then Swagath Hotel will be the best pick. The hotel is very famous for its tasty onion dosa.

Mysore Cafe:

Just like how Swagath Hotel is famous for onion dosa, Mysore Cafe is famous for masala dosa. People used to run to Mysore Cafe whenever they want to have hot masala dosas. Out of all these hotels, Shankar Vilas, Geetha Cafe and Anand Bhavan have been serving food from the past 5 to 6 decades.


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