Brahmins usually do not eat non-vegetarian food! Here is the reason behind it


In India, the caste-system is prevailing for many centuries. The Hindus still follow this caste-system in every nook and crook of the country. If we categorize castes into four major parts, they will be Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas, and Sudras. There will be many sub-categories under these four major categories. Brahmins are considered as the supremos in Hindus. They are considered as the most-educated and pure souls. They don’t even eat non-vegetarian food. Have you ever wondered why Brahmins do not eat non-veg? Here is the story behind it.

In ancient times, Brahmins and Kshatriyas used to perform Yagnas. There is another caste used to actively participate in these rituals. They are the people of a community that depends on the trade of animal flesh. This caste falls under Sudras. Animals are often sacrificed during Yagnas in those times. Thus, these people are also considered on par with Brahmins. At that time, people of all castes used to eat non-vegetarian food, including Brahmins.

After a few years, Buddhism came into existence. Buddhism teaches that there is no need for animal sacrifice to reach God. They believe that prayer and meditation will be enough to reach almighty. Buddhism extensively promoted non-violence. Following Buddhists, even Hindus thought of leaving non-veg. Some of the castes opposed this proposal. The people who depend on animal flesh completely denied this idea as their profession is based on flesh trade. Even Kshatriyas opposed the idea as they thought that it will tamper their reputation of being warriors. Thus, only Brahmins decided to leave non-veg. To abolish non-veg in their community, Brahmins started hating it. They started negative publicity on non-vegetarian food so that their kids will also start to hate it. That is how non-veg got prohibited among Brahmins. Many scholors say that there is no mention of Brahmins eating only vegetarian food in any of our mythological books. Thus, it is believed that Buddhism is the primary reason for the emergence of this culture among Brahmins.


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