Brochevarevarura: Director Cheated Audiences With Mind-Blowing Screenplay


Vivek Atreya is the young filmmaker who made his successful debut with the movie Mental Madilo. Later, he came up with another exciting project which released recently. Titled Brochevarevarura, the film had Sreevishnu, Nivetha Pethuraj, Nivetha Thomas, Rahil Ramakrishna, Priyadarshi and others in the lead roles. Meanwhile, there’s a discussion that’s happening on the social media now, about the screenplay technique that the director used.

In the first scene of the movie, we see the actor Ajay Ghosh along with his side-kicks kidnapping a girl and exactly during the interval, we see a similar scene. Most of the audiences who watched the movie assumed that both are the same scenes and got repeated. They even thought that the girl shown in the beginning is Nivetha Thomas. But actually, both are different scenes and the director opened up about the same saying that it was a linear screenplay but audiences didn’t sense the truth in the first watch!

Vivek Atreya posted the following on his Facebook page.

For all those who are analysing the movie, Obliged. Can’t ask for more, its much bigger for me than the money the movie made.

Would like to give a couple of pointers to put my perspective straight. Although I believe that the movie should speak and not my words, this is just to tell the intention behind the making. Convinced or not convinced, here it goes.

1. The movie never breaks the linear format narration and its sum of parallel happenings with their respective timelines. So, it simply means that no scene that already happened can be repeated as per the structure. It also means that both the story tracks must run in parallel and no single track can forgo any timeline while the other is happening.

It Finally Means – The girl who gets kidnapped first and Mitra must be different

2. Had we shown the face of the first girl, it would have been super clear. Yes. But the bag she carries, the old song that plays, cut pattern, the ambience around shows everything is different. Hence, giving some scope for observation to notice the difference is the intention there instead of feeding in.

It Finally Means – Yes, Both the kidnaps are similar but not the same, we intentionally left few things for second or third time watch!

3. There is absolutely no harm if one thinks that the first kidnap and Mitra’s kidnap are one and the same. The emotion still holds. End of the day that is all matters you see

It Finally Means – The Screenplay didn’t deliberately cheat you, But as a structure, the screenplay is deceiving, which demanded us to use few common elements that may have made you believe things in one way and it definitely helped the REAL SURPRISE work 🙂

Finally, happily enjoy the movie. It guarantees good entertainment without brainstorming and all the brainstormers, yes you are our target too 😁


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