Dine Hill restaurant Hyderabad is famous for this! Do you know what it is?

Dine Hill which is located in Hyderabad’s Masab Tank is one of the most popular food joints in Hyderabad. From Pathar Ka Gosht to Mutton Rana, this is definitely one of the most recommended places for all the food lovers out there.
Dine Hill is famous for its typical and authentic Indo Arab cuisine. Zyed Aqa Hussain Jaffri who is the graduate from IIHM Aurangabad started this food joint. “It has been almost 19 years since we have opened this restaurant. We are going to complete two decades very soon and our aim is to serve the people with love. It is one of the reasons why we have started serving food in platters which is an Arabic way of eating,” said Zyed.
Dine Hill is one of the first restaurants in Hyderabad which used to serve grilled chicken which is absolutely fat-free. They grill the chicken with less oil and only after squeezing out the fat from the chicken which will be served with garlic sauce.
Dine Hill Restaurant, Masab Tank, Hyderabad - Chinese, Biryani ...
Another thing which made Dine Hill one of the popular food joints is that they serve the food in huge platters. Customers can enjoy the biryanis or Kebabs or Rotis all from a single plate which can serve up to 10 dishes at a time and a group of 5 to 6 customers can eat from the platter.
Another popular dish here is Mutton Rana which is made with the leg of a lamb and Dine Hill will serve the special dish every Sunday. “We strive hard only to serve the customer with the best of our food,” said Zyed while talking in an interview.
“I am coming after 5 years to the Dine Hill, but the food tastes the same. You cannot find Prawns this anywhere else,” said a happy customer when another claimed that “Dine Hall is one of our favourite places because of the Arabic style of food,”.


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