DO NOT PASS this glorious traditional disease to your next-gen


I see you all silent about India’s casteist & religion based murders, Delhi pogrom and Kashmir but vocal about American racist crimes. Its time to introspect. Let us know the meaning of Hypocrisy.


The practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one’s behavior does not conform; pretense.

In the past few days, I see people put up a black square picture and protest for the #blacklivesmatter moment. These were the very people who have used an oppressed caste’s name to make damaging and insulting insinuation for fun in the same room as me.

I am laughing right now and I have a deep respect for you.

You claim to be an ally for the oppressed on social media and outside communications, but I see you judge someone’s core based on their birth on the other side. This is ignorance.
To those who believe you are superior to others, you have caused enough damage and trauma to the society. Though there is still a chance to give yourself – TO CHANGE, at-least DO NOT PASS this glorious traditional disease to your next-gen.

We all need to take a lesson from coronavirus 🦠 It doesn’t differentiate people based on skin color, religion, race or caste, and attacks without judging. If this post attacks you, treat it as a reminder to get yourself checked.

Vaishnavi Karnam


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