Do you love the song ‘Yemi Janmamu’ from C/o Kancherapalem? Then, you have to know the story of its lyricist!


C/o Kancherapalem is undeniably a modern masterpiece in Telugu cinema. Directed by debutant Venkatesh Maha, this independent film was released in 2018. The film brought a new wave into Telugu cinema and proved that you need no known faces or a lavish budget to tell a good story. If you have remembered the film, you may recollect the first song of it. Titled Yemi Janmamu Yemi Jeevanamu, it is a Haridasu Keerthana which was written by Yedla Ramadasu. Now, we are going to look at this impeccable artist who needs recognition.

Yedla Ramadasu belongs to the 19th century. He wrote many spiritual and philosophical poems. Ramadasu was born in Kalavacharla village of the Vizianagaram district. He remained uneducated until he went to Kakinada at the age of 12. After moving to Kakinada, Manthena Venkatacharyulu mentored Ramadasu. He wrote a book called ‘Sugnana Chandrika.’ Most of his poems were dedicated to Lord Rama and Krishna. Ramadasu’s students have compiled all his works into a book called, ‘Yedla Ramadasu Charitra.’

Venkata Rao crooned the song Yemi Janmamu in C/o Kancherapalem. He is a Haridasu. He literally brought life into this song with his soulful rendition. Sweekar Agasthi composed the music for this song and the film as well. The makers should be commended for reviving such lost gems and giving them much needed recognition.

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