Dr. Jagan Mohan who was fondly called, ’20 rupees doctor’ is no more but his incredible story is inspiring; Check it out here


People often compare doctors to almighty. But if late, the health and medical department is commercialized, and rarely do we find doctors who treat patients for minimal prices or even for free. One such rare doctor was Dr. Jagan Mohan. Fondly called ’20 rupees doctor,’ Jagan Mohan was a lief saver for many poor people in the city of Chennai. He always used to charge minimal fees from the patients who consulted him. It has been two years since he passed away and Jagan Mohan still remains an unsung hero. Today, we bring you his incredible story.

Dr. Jagan Mohan initially used to charge one rupee for treatment. Generally, most of his patients used to be from poor families. Some times, he used to treat them for free as well, without even charging that one rupee. Later, he used to charge Rs. 2, Rs. 3, Rs. 5 and Rs. 10. At the time of his death, Jagan Mohan used to charge Rs. 20 as his fees.

Dr. Jagan Mohan was born in 1940. He is from the batch of 1969 at Stanley Medical College. He set up his clinic in the early 1970s. Since then, he used to treat a lot of underprivileged people at his nursing home. Many people still remember his services. Jagan Mohan never insisted on money from his patients. People used to give it on their own will. Even though he is passed away, people in his area still remember the services of Dr. Jagan Mohan.


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