Elizabeth Smart’s inspiring story teaches us the importance of forgiving

And the choice you make, between hating and forgiving, can become the story of your life- Shantaram, written by Gregory David Roberts.
The above phrase sums up how humans react to the heartbreaks and betrayals done to them. You can choose the road of hate which fills up the fuel of revenge in you. Otherwise, you can take a tougher path of forgiving people, which results in ultimate peace. Though the latter is a rough road, the destination is a bliss. Popular American activist Elizabeth Smart is one of those few individuals who chose the path of forgiveness.
Elizabeth made it to the headlines when was abducted at the age of 14. She was held captive for nine months until she was rescued by the cops. Her captors were jailed.
Speaking about the incident, Elizabeth Smart said, “The day it happened, he broke into my home. He had taken me out my back door, taken me up to the mountains behind my home.” The captor then took her to his home. His wife bathed Elizabeth. The captor then told Elizabeth that she is his wife from now on. Then Elizabeth realized that there will be people who are that evil.
Elizabeth still remembers the advice given by her mother. She told her daughter that the best punishment we can give people who have hurt us is to move forward with our lives and do all things we want to do. Feeling sorry for ourselves and holding on to the past will only give them the power to take control of our lives. Elizabeth says that they don’t deserve a single second of our lives. Well, true that. There is no point in reliving our bad past. We have to leave that baggage and move forward in our journey of pursuing bigger goals of our lives.


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