Ennu Ninte Moideen – Melancholic Poetry of Reality

Ennu Ninte Moideen is one of the popular films in Malayalam which garnered everyone’s attention. It is a tale of love, expressed in a poetic manner. Check out our Cinema Ronin’s view on the film here. Prithviraj Sukumaran and Parvathy played the lead roles in the film.
In an interaction with youngsters, when a young girl asks Kottangal Kanchanamala to write a few words in a diary,  she writes about service: “You should serve your society’ it says. When the girl asks about is this what your love was about, she says “My love has been about sacrifice and service”. Is it what all the spiritual things meant to do? If so, why there aren’t many? Is there a scarcity for such? Is love a spiritual thing?
The tragic story of Kottangal Kanchanamala and her courtship with BP Moideen is not only personal but also very political and social. Their story has been witnessed by North Kerala for ages and the world witnessed it when it was made into a feature film in 2015. It’s very hard to express your opinion after watching the film because you’d left with emotions, not with opinions or views. It’s rare that a silver screen bears such an authentic love story for its audience.
Just like how the plot is filled with sentiments, likewise, the screen is filled with emotions. This film is probably one of the few films that achieved visual translation of the emotions. Jomon T. John has accomplished brilliantly in capturing the essence, ambiance, and the mood of the plot. One might not even imagine such frames with enriched & vibrant colors with mono vignettes just invoking the warm emotions. It is the camera work that befits the core of the film. Along with contrasting warm colors, he even dared to use mild dark shades. Pause the film at any point in time, you can screenshot it & use it as your wallpaper. Just frames colored with emotions.
As it was said in ‘Cinema Paradiso’, Loneliness is the reward of faithfulness. But how is this reward justifiable? How come love is accompanied by pain? How come death is rewarded for life. Aren’t they juxtaposed, or is it just us who have juxtaposed our emotions & their definitions.


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