Ever heard of Ice Cream Thali; Then You should Know about Pune’s Kiga Ice Cream Parlous

image from Zomato

The word ‘Thali’ itself will give us a mental image of a big plate full of various delicious dishes and desserts. Isn’t it? But, have you ever heard of Ice Cream Thali. We have already tasted ice cream cakes, sandwiches, and even ice cream pizzas. Now, here we are presenting you a yummy Ice Cream Thali exclusively from Pune.

image from Zomato
image from Zomato

‘Kiga Ice Cream’ is an Ice Cream shop which is located near Ganraj Hotel, Vardhman Heights, Natu Baag, Sadashiv Peth Pune, Pune. It is known for its unique dish called ‘The Ice Cream Thali’. There is single as well as a sharing version of it and it is definitely a must-try one. From a Classic Thali which starts from Rs 220 to a Peshwai Thali and even an Upvas Thali, there are various kinds of dishes that everyone will love. A variety of Maharashtrian dishes will get converted into ice creams in the Thali.

Image from Zomato

Especially the Peshwai Thali which is worth Rs 325 is absolutely delicious. It has a Sajuk Tupattil Puranpoli, Sajuk Tupattil Ukdiche Modak, Shahi Mewa Kheer, Shahi Gulkand, Tilgulache Ladu, Badam Royal Cream, Gajar Badam Halwa, Special Mango Mastani with Special Dryfruits. The Thali also consists of a refreshing glass full of Mango Mastaani. Another must-try item here will be the Pani Puri and Misal ice cream.

Image Source: Zomato

They also have regular icecream flavors like fruits and chocolate. We can also order a Thali consisting of these ice creams. The ice creams here start at just Rs 30 only and yes they are worth every penny.


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