Evvarikee Cheppoddu Review


Movie:- Evvarikee Cheppoddu (2019)

Cast :- Rakesh Varre, Gargeyi Yellapragada, Vamsi Nakkanti

Music Director :- Sankar Sharma

Cinematography :- Vijay J Anand, Teja Yarramasetti, Satyajith Suggu

Editors :- Teja Yarramasetti, Satyajith Suggu

Producers :- Rakesh Varre

Director :- Basava Shanker

Rakesh Varre is one of the finest actor in tollywood who had done different and important roles in high profile films. Later he turned to be actor and did a film entited as Evvarikee Cheppoddu, produced by his own but got mighty support from Top producer Dil Raju. After a round of promotions this film has hit the screens today on the eve of Dussehra special. Let’s check whether it had succeeded or not.

Story (Spoiler Free):-

Movie opens with the introduction of Hari (Rakesh Varre), who has an different approach towards life and falls for a girl called Harathi(Gargeyi Yellapragada). Continuously, he tries to impress her and finally both of them will fall in love each other. Here the main conflict in their love story raises because of the heroine’s father who has a extreme caste feeling issue with the boy. What will the couple do now? How will they overcome their hurdles? Does they won their love ? How did caste system provoken ? What did heroine’s father did at last ? To know all the reasons behind it watch the film on bigscreen only.


* Rakesh Varre had did a good job as a main lead.

* Love track between the lead pair was quite natural.

* Heroine Gargeyi Yellapragada impresses with her settled and natural acting.

* Emotional scenes have came out well.

* Comedy scenes in second half will be remained.

* Director had sticked to the theme and done a fabulous job.

* Cinematography and editing work was impressive.

* Production values for this low budget film was awesome.

* Songs and bgm have sinked with film.


* Little bit drag in first half.

Overall :-

Evvarikee Cheppoddu is a message-oriented love story which was directed in a gripping manner and will surely entertain ti everyone. Mainly the theme cast system was came out well and will be thought provoking to present generation.

Rakesh varre had succeded in making good film as a main lead as well as producer too. The onscreen chemistry between leadpair is quite natural and make audience to connect easily.

Cinematography and editing work was done in a different and gripping manner. Production values are awesome.
Director had stick to the core point of this film and made it success.

Overall an entertainment loaded film with different message which will provoke us.

Rating: 3/5


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