Funny and interesting story behind the popular song Kaalam Ketty from the film Premam


Every aspect of filmmaking has a story behind it. Thus, filmmakers have a lot of stories to tell from their own lives. There is one such interesting story behind the popular song Kaalam Kettu Poyi from the film Premam. This Alphonse Puthren directorial was a raging hit back then. It was still considered a modern masterpiece in the Malayalam cinema. All the songs of this movie were chartbusters. People who know the film also know this song Kaalam Kettu which comes when Anupama Parameshwaran breaks the heart of Nivin Pauly. Composed by Rajesh Murugesan, this song’s lyrics got panned by Shabareesh Varma. There is a funny and interesting story behind this song. Shabareesh once narrated it in a private event. Here is the tale behind it.

Rajesh Murugesan told Shabareesh about the situation of the song. Shabareesh got the idea that it will be a love failure track. Rajesh composed a tune and gave it to Shabareesh. The latter heard it on a loop. After a few years, Shabareesh came up with a few lines and sang those to Rajesh. They finished a couple of stanzas, took their bike, and went to Alphonse. They sang it for Alphonse and he liked it a lot. In that happiness, Shabareesh and Rajesh came back on the bike. There was heavy rainfall on that day. They were all drenched but they didn’t care. After coming back home, Rajesh told Shabareesh to include the word ‘poyi’ in the second stanza as well. Shabareesh worked on it for a couple of hours and finished the second stanza as well. Rajesh liked it. They again went to Alphonse. They got wet once again but they didn’t care. They just made sure that the laptop was safe. Alphonse heard the song and he liked it a lot. Then, they sent it to Nivin and even he liked it a lot. Filled with joy, Rajesh and Shabareesh came back home drenched.

The power was off at that time. They thought that it was due to the rain. Soon, they realized that all neighbors have power at their homes. Then, both of them realized that 4 tubes, 3 fans, one UPS, and One Yamaha speaker were damaged due to the incessant rain. Their laptop was saved because they carried it all along. Shabareesh joked that Premam would have been still under production if that laptop was damaged as well.


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