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I want to talk about a movie I love even after watching it for so many times. Though Nagarjuna Garu and EVV garu have so many hit films in their respective careers, I especially like their combination in ‘Hello Brother’ movie. Let’s talk about that film.

I don’t think there are people who haven’t seen this film yet. So, instead of writing the story, I am coming to the film analysis. The first and foremost element that impresses me every time is the dialogues. There are different kinds of comedies. Situational comedy, confusion comedy, comedy tracks, dialogue comedy etc. The director picks the kind of comedy he wants in the story.

But in this film, the director has used all kinds of comedies which is definitely a rare phenomenon. The dialogue comedy is not an easy task. In Tamil, crazy Mohan is an expert in creating such comedies. But in Telugu, we have LB Sriram who is nothing less than him. Sometimes, I still feel that LB Sriram Garu hasn’t got the recognition and fame as crazy Mohan. “Palgontara? Ledu Beer kontam”, “Naki Nagalu Naki ivvandi.. Naki naki iste engili avatar Setji”, “Naa dabbulu, na dabbulu.. soda kena nenu icchesa”, “common march.. idi march kadu April, nenu cheppedi aa march kadu.. left right left right march, ippudu cheppalsindi march kadu chase…..” There are so many such hilarious oneliners and I can go on. I strongly believe that this movie will be like a manual for the upcoming dialogue writers for writing dialogue comedies.

Coming to the story, we should talk about the villain role first. The goal of that character is to get revenge by killing Sarath Babu who killed his father. But Sarath Babu is in America. No one knows if Sarath Babu’s character has children or not. Sarath Babu doesn’t know that someone wants to kill him. But the story will work only if both hero and villain have a direct fight which is why Deva’s sister saw Mithra killing someone and the latter starts troubling her. Then, Deva comes to the rescue and fights with him.

The director has connected each and every scene very well. One might ask why Mithra only fought with Ravi Varma instead of Deva. But Ravi Varma’s character is designed as a shy and innocent guy. But on the contrary, Deva is courageous and always gets into fights. So, the revenge element works well with Deva’s character. Also, Ravi Verma is single whereas Deva has a sister so that Mithra can create a disturbance in their lives. So, the director has penned the script by keeping all these things in his mind.

Going from a good sentiment or emotional scene to climax is a screenplay technique. When the audience gets a feeling that enough is enough and the hero should kill the villain now and if the hero’s character does it, the audience will get satisfied. Also, it won’t be interesting to see Hero just bashing up the villain. Mithra’s character can escape from the prison without killing Mallikarjuna Rao’s character. But the audience will get sad if a comedian’s character dies. So, Mithra’s character escapes from the prison after killing Mallikarjuna Rao’s character who made the audience laugh. Everyone watching the movie now wants the villain character to die.

Taking that emotion as the lead, the story goes from pre-climax to climax. Even in the climax, the villain ties down Deva and beats Ravi Varma which increases anxiety in the audience. But the director has finally ended the story by Hero showing his heroism. Instead of making it a comedy film, the director added all elements in this movie.

Raj Koti’s music had become the biggest plus point for this film. ‘Priyaragale..’, ‘Kannepettaro’ songs can be still heard. Camera work by S Gopal Reddy is also admirable. I thank EVV Satyanarayana, LB Sriram, Raj Koti, S GopalReddy, K Ravindra Babu for giving us this excellent film.

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Writer’s Note:

Most of us like to get involved in the story and connect with the emotions of the lead actors while watching a film. So, here I am to share my opinions on some of my favorite films. I haven’t done any film appreciation courses and I am just doing this out of passion.



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