Hyderabad’s Theme-Based Restaurants offers a different experience; Check it out

Nowadays the food business has a huge scope for development especially in a city like Hyderabad. But, the competition will also be equally high in every area. So, most of the restaurant owners are trying to come up with unique concepts to grab the attention of the people. So, here is the list of a couple of theme-based restaurants in Hyderabad:
image: Dineout
Kaidi Rasoi – Banjara Hills
Have you ever thought of eating in jail? Well, you can experience it without committing any crime. All the servers in Rasoi Restaurant will be dressed up as Prisoners. Also, the taste of food got positive reviews as well.
Talking hands – Begumpet 
All the servers in this restaurant are deaf and mute people. So, whatever you would like to order, you should convey them in sign language. They will also provide a complete guide of how to ask for a dish in sign language 
Beach House – Madhapur
We don’t have to fly all the way to a city with a beach to experience the beach ambiance as the Beach House Restaurant in Madhapur itself is providing it. If you are a food and beach lover then you should definitely try out this restaurant.
Sahib Sindh Sultan – Banjara hills
Sahib Sindh and Sultan are the locomotives of India’s first passenger train. So, the restaurant is also a train and platform-based one. You can either sit on the train or on the platform and taste their yummy food.
Ohris Serengeti – Banjara hills
Ohris Serengeti will give us a full-on Jungle ambiance. People who want to eat at this restaurant should get ready to experience the African rainforest feel.
Ohris Gufaa – Basheer Bagh
If you want to experience the feeling of entering a big cave from ancient times, Ohris Gufaa at Basheer Bagh is definitely worth trying a place for you. The staff who dress up like hunters, wooden furniture, dim lights, etc gives us a memorable experience.


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