Interesting story of a Chennai professor with 145 academic degrees under his belt. Can you believe it?


We consider it a great achievement if we get two degrees in our lives. We might have heard about the people who got four or five degrees as well. But have you ever heard of a person who got 145 academic degrees under his belt? Yes, he exists. In our own India. Today, we bring you this fascinating story of a Chennai professor who holds 145 academic degrees.

We are talking about Professor VN Parthiban who is based in Chennai. He is 54 now. He got these 145 degrees over the course of the last 34 years. He has 8 Master of Law degrees, 10 Master of Arts degrees, 8 Master of Commerce degrees, 3 Master of Science degrees, 9 Master of Business Administration degrees, and 12 research degrees. Professor Parthiban also teaches more than a hundred subjects in various colleges of Chennai. If you look at the nameplate of Parthiban, you would get a feeling of reading a book. Such huge it is.

Parthiban says that he really enjoys studying and it is not difficult for him at all. Speaking to a news daily, he says that he is continuously in the process of studying and looking out for new courses. Parthiban was raised in a middle-class family and it was not an easy task for him to study all these courses. He says that failure has been an integral part of his journey. Apparently, there are many instances where he studied the wrong subject and failed in that paper. Despite all odds, he didn’t give up. He definitely remains an inspiration for all of us.


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