IRCTC functions differently while allocating the train berths; Here’s how!


We all love traveling by train. It is one of the ancient and largest transport networks in our country. We all book train tickets through Indian Railways’ online ticketing platform IRCTC. Generally, in all modes of transport, we can select the seats we want. But that is not the case with railways. IRCTC allocates berths for us and we don’t have a choice of choosing them. Have you ever wondered why? Here is the reason behind it.

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IRCTC allocates berths and makes sure each coach carries the same weight. It is important that each bogie carries similar weight. Let us assume there are 12 sleeper coaches in a train. Each coach contains 72 berths. It means there are 864 berths in 12 coaches. IRCTC allocates the berth for the first person who books the ticket in the middle coach. That means the first person who books a ticket gets a berth in S6. Even in that coach, he will get seats that are in the middle. As there will be 72 berths in total, he will get 36th seat. IRCTC prefers lower berth allocation first. Then it considers the middle and upper berths.

If passengers are allowed to book their berths, there is a chance of a few coaches being empty. This may cause the derailing of coaches. Thus, IRCTC makes sure that every coach carries uniform weight according to the number of passengers traveling on the train. This is the reason behind the automatic allocation of berths in Indian Railways. Next time you don’t get a favorable seat, don’t blame IRCTC as there is a reason behind its functionality.


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