Journey of Ocologist Ravi Kannan to taking ‘Padma Sri’ award in 2020

Dr. Ravi Kannan is one of the most popular surgical oncologists from Chennai. In his medical career, he has treated over 70,000 cancer patients free of cost. For his contribution towards the medical field as well as the patients, Ravi Kannan got conferred with the honorable Padma Shri award
Kannan is also known as Silchar’s savior. Often referred to as Medical Messiah for Cancer Patients in Remote Barak Valley, Dr. Ravi Kannan quit his job in Chennai and shifted to Silchar in 2007. The oncologist now runs the Cachar Cancer Hospital and Research Centre in Silchar which not only provides free treatment to cancer patients but also provides accommodation, food, and employment.
It all started when he saw the poor cancer treatment facilities in the Barak valley. He could not take it when he saw a child eating puffed rice in water with chilies. There is an in-house study that found that only 28% of people who tested positive for cancer returned to the hospital for treatment.
When inquired, Dr. Kannan realized that most of the patients are the breadwinners of their families and were losing out on their daily wages during treatment. That’s when the hospital decided to offer patients as well as their attendants jobs that would require unskilled labor like carpentry, watering plants, etc at the hospital.
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Expressing his gratitude on receiving the award, the medical legend said that the credit goes to a large group of people who dedicate themselves to the Hospital. “The achievement is not only mine but all my colleagues in the hospital,” said Ravi Kannan. The 55-year-old Dr. Kannan always says that if the progress made in science does not reach the common man, then it is a failure of the system.


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