Karnataka based photographer built his house in the shape of a camera | Details Inside


Building an own house is everyone’s dream. Owning a house means a lot to us Indians. What if you add your personal passions to this dream. Karnataka-based photographer Ravi Hongal did the same. He constructed his dream house in the shape of a camera in his hometown Belagavi. This unique structural house is now grabbing the attention of people all over the country.

The photos of this house are going viral on social media for the last few weeks. Ravi Hongal is a professional photographer who is in the field for the last 33 years. Everyone in his region knows about his passion for cameras and photography. Ravi said that it was his long-time dream to build a house suiting his love for cameras.

Ravi made sure that the interiors and exteriors of the house resemble the features of photography and cameras. We can see three names etched on the house, Canon, Nikon, and Epson. Interestingly, they are also the names of Ravi’s three sons. Ravi named the house, ‘Click.’

Speaking to a news daily, Ravi said that there were quite a few challenges to construct the house in the way he wanted it to be. However, his architectural team made sure to deliver it as he wanted. There are three floors in the building. Each floor is dedicated to his three sons. Ravi didn’t expect the pictures of his house to go viral on social media. He feels happy to see all this attention.


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