Mahesh Babu’s Okkadau – A gamechanger at the editing table | An opinion by Abhiram


On January 15, 2003, a movie got released in Sudarshan theatre in RTC Cross Roads. The film became a sensational hit and recorded 1.5 crores just in that single theatre. The movie is ‘Okkadu’.

A young man who wants to get a government job as a Police Officer under sports quota reaches Kurnool for a national Kabaddi match. He meets a girl who has been escaping facing so many struggles because of a factionist. How he solved her problem and how they fell in love forms the story of the film.’

Mahesh Babu after scoring a disaster with ‘Bobby’ joined hands with Gunashekar who tasted failure with ‘Mrugaraju’ and came up with this blockbuster Okkadu. Though Mahesh Babu has some decent hits in his career at that time, none of his films got him a good recognition. But, just with ‘Okkadu’ movie Mahesh Babu became a mass hero as well as a star hero by breaking so many Tollywood records and gaining a strong fan base.

The movie was supposed to get bankrolled by Ramoji Rao. But things didn’t work out well. The makers initially considered ‘Athade Aame Sainyam’ as the title of the film. But as the title was already taken, the makers considered ‘Kabaddi’ as the title. But finally, MS Raju bankrolled this project and the makers have finalized ‘Okkadu’ as the title. The film is Sankranthi release which got released one day before Sankranti. Producer MS Raju has become Sankranthi Raju with this superhit film.

In fact, the director has written the story in a different way. But, as the movie unit thought that the nonlinear narration is not suitable for a story like this, they have changed the narration into a linear narration. Also, the decision was taken when the entire shooting got wrapped and the movie was on the editing table. So, the movie is a perfect example to say that a movie can become a game-changer even when it is on the editing table.

Though there are so many elements in the film which can be portrayed larger than life, the director decided to stick with the naturality. Especially, the sequences in Pathabasthi and Kabaddi’s scenes are very natural. There will be no unnecessary scenes in the film and even the comedy also worked out well. The item song and punch dialogues got embedded at the right places which became one of the reasons why the movie became has greatly entertained the audience.

Unlike the regular movies, each and every scene in ‘Okkadu’ movie will have something new. Especially, the interval bang is outstanding. Instead of portraying Mahesh Babu as a mass hero who can beat up a thousand members, the director made the scene as logical as possible. Also, Mani Sharma’s mesmerizing music brought life to the film. He was in his career’s best face at that time. Also, the cinematography of Sekhar V Joseph and editing by Sreekar Prasad are impressive.

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I thank Gunasekhar Karri, Paruchuri Gopalakrishna, Paruchuri Venkateswara Rao, MS Raju, Mani Sharma, Sekhar V Joseph, Sreekar Prasad for giving us such a beautiful film.

Writer’s Note:

Most of us like to get involved in the story and connect with the emotions of the lead actors while watching a film. So, here I am to share my opinions on some of my favorite films. I haven’t done any film appreciation courses and I am just doing this out of passion.



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