Mani Ratnam represents these elements with his leads in Yuva | An opinion by Abhiram


The story of Yuva revolves around the roles of Madhavan, Suriya, and Siddharth. What kind of situations they faced, and their backdrops forms the story. Let’s discuss each character.

We already know how director Mani Ratnam gives importance to nature, colors, and lighting in his movies. Even in this film, the three characters are based on these three elements and he tried to make the audience understand the same.

Mani Ratnam picked the green color for this character. The nature of green is excitement, development, awareness, and ambition. We can see green as the symbol of Earth. The character gets introduced to the audience as a person who is going for a fight against the people who hits his friends. The character ends by entering into the Assembly to fight against the corrupt politicians. The food that comes from green fields will feed the hungry. Michael who starts as a student leader becomes a politician to serve people. In that way, the director tried to showcase so many things.

Director picked the blue color for Siddharth’s character Arjun in the movie. The nature of blue color is a delight, happiness, taste, etc. We can see that blue stands for water. It takes the shape of anything. The character first gets introduced in a blue shirt. Later because of some situations, it changes to black, peach, and white. After meeting Michael, Arjun appears in a green shirt. Mani Ratnam said that Arjun’s role is like everyone else who forget about problems and difficulties and don’t like to face them and just go with the flow.

Mani Ratnam has given Red color for Samba’s character. The nature of red color is dangerous, desire, love, etc. Red also stands for fire. Samba’s character also has all these qualities. If we observe his transformation in the movie will be like how coal turns into ash. To showcase the same, his character always appears in black shirts and later turns to red. In the Bridge fight scene with Suriya, Samba looks just like fire with a red banyan and yellow shirt. After the fight, he turns into white color just like ash. Samba’s characters start and end in jail. In the first scene, he is seen watching a Kabaddi match of a failing team. In the end, he is seen watching other people play.

We can talk so much more about the film and the directional skills of Mani Ratnam. But, I feel that I am not worthy enough. I don’t write after watching the film. I like to write about the things I remember while watching them and I am sharing the same with you all. So, I might have forgotten about some things. If you have something that you like about the film, share it with us in the comments section. I thank Mani Ratnam, Ravi K Chandran, AR Rahman, Sreekar Prasad for giving us this film.

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Writer’s Note:

Most of us like to get involved in the story and connect with the emotions of the lead actors while watching a film. So, here I am to share my opinions on some of my favorite films. I haven’t done any film appreciation courses and I am just doing this out of passion.



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