Mid90s: A Homie Memoir | Streaming on Netflix


As Stevie, an 11-year-old kid, finds his way into a group of teenaged skaters, they hang out at their space and they have a discussion about whether black people get sunburn? Do they need suntan lotions? As everyone pops their question about the coloured ones, they ask Stevie “Sunburn” does he have any. He just says “What’s black people?”

‘Mid90s’ is a beautiful coming-of-age film, which tells the story of a kid called Stevie, discovers and makes a family out of house i.e friends. His discovery of hood, his friendship, his romantic encounter, a hood fight, confrontation of abuse, well, you can say a whole lot of initial years of Stevie. It’s gonna be a helluva “manhood” ride!

After ‘Boyhood’ from the master Richard Linklater, coming-of-Age films have become and difficult to succeed at the same time as the film was wholesome and relatable to a whole country. ‘Mid90s’ is nothing short of this too. Although the film deals with the formative years of Stevie, it shows all kinds of encounter a boy could get exposed to during his own formative years, especially for millennials. You can spot neatly arranged audio disks, video games, brawls with a sibling, stealing money from parents wallet. All credit to the writer and filmmaker Jonah Hill, a famous actor, comedian of Hollywood. He made sure every aspect of the film remains authentic and must be appreciated for casting non-actors, who’ve given an outstanding performance. Especially the lead, Sunny Suljic. Boy, he’s gonna shine! The production design was extraordinary. Although the film was in real locations of Los Angeles, the retro look was all over the screen. A special shoutout to cinematographer Chris Blauvelt, who shot the film in 4:3 over a super 16.

During its premiere at TIFF, lead Sunny Suljic was watching the film seated beside the director Jonah Hill. As the film was ending, he was holding the pants of Jonah and tightening his grip. By the end of it, he shouted “This is the best film I’ve seen in my life” to which Jonah shouted, “Thank You”. Even I wouldn’t say anything different about the film, currently streaming on Netflix.


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